Al-Qaeda Claims al-Awlaki is Still Alive

Al-Qaeda Claims al-Awlaki is Still Alive

As the U.S government is relishing its victory over al-Qaeda with the alleged death of several of the group’s top leaders, amongst whom well-known cleric and mastermind in al-Qaeda in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki; the… group has announced that the allegations were false and that al-Awlaki was still very alive.

Only a few days, the Yemeni and American government bi-laterally announced to the world that they had killed U.S most wanted terrorist in an airstrike in al-Jawf province in Yemen, north of its capital Sana’a.

Allegedly, al-Awlaki was traveling in a 3 car-convoy when he was struck from the air, leaving him and 3 of his companions dead.
Soon after the announcement of al-Awlaki’s death, U.S intelligence officials declared that they believed the bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri and Samir Khan, the group’ English magazine co-editor, had as well been killed in the attack.

As is happens, al-Qaeda in Yemen is now claiming that both al-Awlaki and al-Asiri are still alive and were in fact nowhere near the explosion.

Since the Yemeni government claimed once already having successfully eliminated the infamous cleric, to be later proven wrong when the man issued a televised statement, doubt has been cast upon the veracity of the American-Yemeni’s declarations of victory.

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